Thursday, 24 May 2012

responsible travel

Eco-tourism is basically a type of tourism that involves visits to protected areas. It may be to for knowledge purpose or even for providing funds for ecological conservation, and may even be to express jungles respect for different cultures and human rights. Ecotourism means travelling to places where flora, fauna and cultural heritage are major appeals. Interactive Jungle reveals responsible travels to natural places that conserve the environment and also do well for well-being of the localites. It is the best place to share your wonderful experiences as well as gain knowledge from others’ experiences and stories as well. It gives you keen interest in eco-tourism once you read how nature lovers visit those places and enjoy themselves.rain forests
Some main places to be mentioned when talking about eco-tourism are Jamaica, Bali and Vietnam. The excursions in Jamaica are not to be missed at any cost. Jamaica has many chances for the tourist to communicate with nature. There are many possible destinations in Jamaica but a stay at Hotel Mocking Bird Hill will make you remember your trip for lifetime.
When one thinks about holiday, Bali comes in your mind. Bali, an Indonesian island, has three eco-jungle excursions that are the places you would never wish to miss. Costa Rica is also a great place to hang out when you think of a holiday. Whether you get the views of Pacific Ocean or the wild life beauty, these visions will make your trip worthwhile. You can enjoy the nature to its fullest.
Our planet is covered by 75% water and therefore no one can stay away from our wonderful water bodies. Talking about water, the 10 most incredible waterfalls are the best part of eco-tourism.rainforests You would definitely want to take a journey and visit the spectacular water falls that will take you far away from your daily worries and any tension in your mind. The most peaceful place to be seen on the heart of planet. Waterfalls are so inspiring that leave you breathless after even after a very short visit.
The forests in Russia are also worth mentioning, as it has forests on nearly 49% of its land area. The jungles and forests in Malaysia cover 63.6% of its area. Talking about rainforests & jungles, Papua New Guinea has almost half of its land covered by rain forests & jungles, which is nearly 65% of its area. Mexico even has jungles & rain forests that cover 33.7% area of the country.
Eco-tourism has many benefits such as building awareness and respect for local culture, educate visitors, benefit locals, money from the tourist goes for conservation of area, and wildlife habitat is also protected and so on. Besides these, some of the disadvantages should also be mentioned: pollution, overcrowding, congestion, erosion, criticism etc.ecotourism
Interactive Jungle ropes, encourage, and display travel experiences that spotlight on conservation and admiration of the worlds natural reserves, the jungles and rainforests. We distinguish the natural resources rich with cultural and momentous responsible travel treasures throughout the planet as an exclusive place to appreciate and visit dutifully.